Friday, February 24, 2012

[News] Jonghyun and Dara acting for Etude, Teacher - Student Love Story.

2NE1′s Sandara Park and SHINee’s Jonghyun‘s CF picture stills for Etude CF is becoming hot topic.

On the 20th, Sandara Park updated her me2day with, “Darong’s SNS Drama is coming soon! This advertisement is in a very special SNS drama format; also, it was taken earlier, some time ago, and I’ve already acted quite a bit before, however, this time, it was a bit hard for me!” she said, revealing pictures with her text. She also added “Bad acting Darong” in the end, inciting laughter from the fans.
In the photo, it seems that Sandara Park and Jonghyun are acting out parts as a student and professor. Sandara Park is wearing pink-rimmed eyeglasses and reading a book, while seemingly thinking about Jonghyun longingly.
On the other hand, Jonghyun looks suitable as the young professor who is lecturing at the front of the room, looking like a mature, smart, intellectual person in his beige suit outfit and glasses.

Netizens who saw the picture commented with, “I’m really excited! I’ll watch out for the drama,” “I secretly think they look good together,” “If that’s my student and I’m the teacher, I won’t be able to control myself,” “He falls in love with his student, Darong?!” “Now I am really curious about this CF,” “Jonghyun-oppa looks older than Dara-unnie,” “Cute, cute, cute!” “Jonghyun has completely transformed into a intelligent, handsome professor,” “I want to see them act right now,” “Sandara Park is the student? I want to have the same class with her,” “Sandara looks so so so young,” “I want someone who looks like Jonghyun as an assistant professor,” “I like both their outfits,” “I can’t wait for Professor Jonghyun!” “I want their eye glasses,” “What was it like filming with Professor Jjong? You two look surprisingly good together!” “Your cute appearance, even after a year with Etude, has never changed. Beautiful,” “I hope you get to act in a real drama soon,” “A student and a teacher? If it’s you two, it’s cute and romantic,” “A college student? And Darong fell in love?” “I can’t wait for this! I hope it’s a real drama,” “I want to see you act more,” showing the variety of their hot reaction and anticipation.

Meanwhile, Sandara Park‘s charm, vibrant energy, and youthful appearance for Etude commercials have been receiving positive responses and praise from netizens.

Source: Nate
Translated by: Blackjackbelle@OhDara/ SlaveTrnslator@WeLoveDara
Credit: Dkpopnews

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