Wednesday, April 25, 2012

[News] Abbey Road Studios, “SHINee is like The Beatles”.

Abbey Road Studios, the innovative venue responsible for the recording techniques adopted by The Beatles, drew a lot of attention by saying, “When we saw SHINee, we thought The Beatles had returned.”

Abbey Road Studios was established in 1931 and The Beatles recorded the majority of their albums in the studio. Since one of their jacket photos features Abbey Road, many tourists visit the road. SHINee, who went to Britain last year, also visited the road.

MBC Music’s Bae Chul Soo Walks Abbey Road, which will air on April 26, will interview the CEO of Abbey Road Studios. He says, “I’ve never seen so many people gathered outside of the studio. I thought The Beatles had returned.”

SHINee held a showcase in Abbey Road Studios for the first time as an Asian musician. Hundreds of people gathered in front of the studio to see SHINee.

Bae says, “London is a very attractive place to people who love pop music. 2012 is a meaningful year because it’s the 50th anniversary of The Beatles debut and the 2012 Olympics will be held here.”

The production crew for the show looked around the Abbey Road Studios and listened to stories about The Beatles and Pink Floyd to help t hem understand how British music has changed the music current of the world.
Producer Park Young Hoon says, “It’s very meaningful that a Korean show will air in Abbey Road Studios for the first time.”

Source: Starnews
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