Monday, May 7, 2012

[Twitter] 120505 Jonghyun's Twitter Update (Eng Trans)

[English Translation] I don’t think you’d believe me if I say this, but the reason why I can only do the 4 pictures set is because I don’t know how to use Pudding. My noona put the settings on first.. I’m not an ingeo adopter like you think I am ke (T/N: Ingeo is made up from 2 words: Ingyeo and early. Ingyeo means worthless. Jonghyun says he is not a worthless early adaptor for not knowing how to use the Pudding camera app.)
[English Translation] Gasp a new world 
[English Translation] Total culshock (T/N: Culshock is an acronym for culture shock. It’s cause the Pudding camera is in English.)

[English Translation] squawk 

[English Translation] The tissue box looks highly dissatisfied ;;;; 

Source: Realjonghyun90
Translation By: Shiningtweets

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