Sunday, May 26, 2013

[Fan Account] 250513 SHINee @ 5th Anniversary Fan Party.

  • MC Asked all shawols to say  Please come out now  SHINee came back on stage.
  • Jonghyun just said ‘It’s really beautiful to see the whole stadium with SHINee light sticks.
  • Jonghyun kept apologising & bowing.
  • OnKey remove their jacket first then they ask the rest if they are hot anot? Then Jong2min removed their jacket as well Minho back face and remove it sexily.
  • Jonghyun mention his mum at the fan party.
  • A cake was pushed onto the stage a SHINee debut 5 years was written on the stage.
  • Whole stadium sang a birthday song and SHINee blew the candle & each of them have a knife to cut the cake.
  • SHINee introduced the ‘ Special Vacation Book’ Minho turn to the page that show half naked Jonghyun they sign on two books.
  • They are playing Fan made video during VCR.
  • They have tears in their eyes.
  •  Footage taken by Minho when he went London was shown.
  • #5YearsWithSHINee SHINee 5th Year Fan party - Key wore a crown during his solo ^^~
  • #5YearsWithSHINee SHINee 5th Year Fan party - Member are asked to do ’ Wink , Bobo & a heart ‘  Minho did in his solo so Shawols asked for encore and Minho did it again. 
  • Jonghyun did next Key came out and all member’s chanted for him to do it, He did it continuously left with OnTae They did it together ‘ A wink a bobo together & a heart. ^^
Credit: Forever_SHINee
  • Anniversary party starts with Dream Girl ♡ Onew’s mom sitting with Jonghyun’s mom and sister.
  • Onew grabs some tissue to distribute to all, Taemin took a piece and passes on to Jonghyun, Jonghyun wiped his face with the whole pile lol.
  • Jonghyun is tearing… ㅠㅠ Onew refuses to face the audience ㅠㅠ
Credit: ipipie
  • Taemin said that he want’s to give this honor to everyone.
Credit: Lady Crispy
  • Key grandpa was at the 5th Anniversary party too
Credit: Historylove
  • Minho & Jonghyun seems like taking off their clothes to compare their muscles, and Onew said that this is show time.
  • Onew seems want’s to say in the future thousand or million years but he didn’t pronounce properly, Jonghyun then take over immediately and said Saranghaeyo, and Onew hyung said Saranghaeyo , and he show a heart shape.
  • Anniversary cake was pushed up, Onew said is this real.
Credit: Onewbar
  • A video that let the kids has no comment… Jonghyun cired, Onew kept back facing SHINee world, Key eye was teary, only Maknae was touch and smiling happily.
Credit: 無條件溺愛李珍基
  • Jonghyun’s sang a song he composed himself during his solo at the anniversary party today. The song is called ‘Oh Say’. ㅠㅠ
Credit: Euphoria
  • 27 May Monday Jonghyun’s own compose song will be release.
Credit: 陪你们-sherlock
  • Question was, if going back to 2008 May 25 what would you want to do, Taemin quickly ans he want to kill the one who composed Psy’s gangnam style.
Credit: Yilin
  • Taemin said if there’s a chance to go back to 2008 May 25. He wish to write Gangnam style and dance to ‘Riding house’ dance.
Credit : Last fantasy
  • If you can go back to 2008 May 25 what would you want to do? 
- Jonghyun : Won’t cry infront of the camera. Today Mum and sister is here I said it 8 times and still want’s me to repeat, when do you want to stop teasing me? Minho: Forever.

  • In SHINee who has the most secret?
- Jonghyun : KEY ! I want’s to go with Key to the public bath house! I have not been here even once! Other member has already gone together.
- Key: I have always wanted to go to Public bath house, every time being asked I don’t know how to reply. - Jonghyun: Then Key Goon can you go with me to the bath house?

Credit: real9048  
Chinese Translation: yoyoyuan
  • What did you do the most when you are resting? 
- Jonghyun: I watch tv a lot .
  • What kind?
- Jonghyun: Can I mention brandings? Olleh Tv .
  • What did you watch the most?
- Jonghyun: I watch a lot of movies. I finish watching ‘Lord of the rings’ & ‘Hobbit too’

Credit: real9048  

Translation By: ForeverShiningSHINee

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