Monday, May 27, 2013

[News] SHINee to release a Japan-limited Bonus: ‘SHINee SURPRISE VACATION TRAVEL NOTE 01’.

The long-awaited sale of SHINee’s Photobook will start preorder today (May, 27 2013) on EMI Records Japan Mail Order Site!

This Photobook will contain photos together with messages written like diary, bringing you through the various respective countries which the SHINee members have visited.

As for the Japan Limited / EMI Records Japan mail order site limited benefits, there will be 2 unpublished photos of each members printed on an additional special folding format photobook like seen like this:

Sales Price: 3,500 Yen

Because it is an imported goods from Korea, it is estimated to arrive in Japan from June, 10 onwards.

****Do take note that it is NOT a Japan version of ‘SHINee SURPRISE VACATION TRAVEL NOTE 01’, everything will still be the same as the Korea version. The only difference is the 2 additional unpublished photos of each member.

Translation By: Forever_SHINee [4]

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