Wednesday, June 26, 2013

[Info] SHINee to collaborate with Japanese TV Program to recruit tour dance team members.

TBS TV program “Performance A” advertised a collaboration project with SHINee at the end of their show that aired on June 17th. On their June 24th broadcast, it came to light that the said project is actually a dance audition for the quintet’s upcoming Japan Arena Tour SHINee WORLD 2013 Boys Meet U.

Performance A is a program targeted at creating chances for talented individuals to be globally recognized. These people are invited to the studio to perform their talents, watched over by professionals from Taiwan and Korea. The program has organized various dance auditions previously, and this time they have approached SHINee with a proposal for a collaboration project, based on SHINee’s reputation as world class artists.

The members of SHINee were quite surprised when they heard about the offer. Taemin, who has been credited by many as a dance prodigy, expressed his slight worry that the new dancers may not be able to learn the complex dance choreography in time. The idol group then agreed that those who succeed in the audition will get to join them in the middle of the tour.

According to the audition page, the dance team that is selected through this audition will be participating from the Kobe stop (August 18th) onwards.

■ Audition details
- Individual application (can’t apply for group auditions)
- 20 years and above
- Experience not required
- For more details:

■ Application period:
- First round: June 24th ~July 5th, midnight (JST)

The second round of auditions (for those who passed the first round) will be held on July 12th and the last round will be held by the end of July.

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