Saturday, June 8, 2013

[News] SHINee members make a surprise visit on upcoming episode of MBC We Got Married.

Seen in the preview released last week, the SHINee members will be making an appearance on the upcoming episode of MBC’s We Got Married. This sudden visit has resulted in Taemin’s onscreen wife Naeun once again having to face her weak point: cooking!

As Taemin and Naeun rushed to prepare the food in a race against time, the SHINee members made a surprising appearance and shocked the onscreen couple. Despite the difficulties, Naeun goes on to successfully prepare pork rib soup for her onscreen brothers-in-law.

The episode is set to broadcast on June 8th at 5:10 PM KST.

Source: TV Daily
Written by: sherylmilo @

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