Saturday, June 22, 2013

[News] SHINee to hold a Fanmeet to celebrate their 5th Anniversary with Taiwan Shawols on August 4!

While SHINee is celebrating their debut 5th Year Anniversary, how can they forget about Taiwan Shawols?

SHINee, who is recently fully packed with schedules: Korean album(s), Travel Book and upcoming Wednesday (June 26) scheduled to release a Japan Album; though has yet to have plans for their 3rd SHINee World Concert Tour, but after a much discussions and efforts, the Taiwan Organiser who has decided that at this 5th Year Anniversary Celebration, they will be bringing SHINee to Taiwan on August, 4 2013 for a 「2013 SHINee Festival Tour in Taipei」at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall. This will definitely be a great opportunity for Taiwan Shawols to meet the 5 members on stage!

During their trip to Taiwan in April, SHINee came with only 4 members. Jonghyun, who was injured due to a car accident, was not able to be present; but he had a fast recovery, and was able to return on stage with the group in May to participate in the important 5th Year Anniversary Party and a few promotional schedules for 「Why So Serious?」. This has brought even more praises for the Zombies Dance Moves in「Why So Serious?」. After all the schedules in Korea, SHINee will be moving on to Japan to release their 2nd Full Japan Album 「Boys Meet U」and a Japan Arena Tour on 13 different dates. However, they have been secretly planning for an Asia visit to Taipei to meet Shawols on the August 4!

The event has been titled as 「2013 SHINee Festival Tour in Taipei」, to let Taiwan Shawols to celebrate the joy of SHINee’s 5th Year Anniversary. Not only all 5 members will participate, they will be singing 10 different songs, an event not to be missed which will last for at least 120 minutes; the admission tickets will start sales on next Saturday, June 26, 12pm NOON. Estimated pricing for the admission tickets will range from 1400 - 4500 TWD. For more information on the ticketing, please check closely on the ERA Ticketing site.

Source: Taiwan Yahoo News
English Translations: Forever_SHINee [4]

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