Thursday, July 25, 2013

[News] Director Park Chan Wook chooses SHINee Key as potential movie casting choice.

On July 22, the press conference for a new movie Snow Piercer, was held, and its director Park Chan Wook, revealed that he would like to cast SHINee’s almighty Key in his future projects.

The director expressed, “My daughter really loves SHINee, so I know them. She especially likes Key the best.” Sharing his daughter’s love for the group’s multi-talented member, Park Chan Wook said that if he were to cast a SHINee member in his movie, it would be Key.

Last year, Key impressed critics and reviewers with his outstanding performance in his debut musical, “Catch Me If You Can”, as Frank Abagnale Jr. His attention to detail and versatile expressions caught the eye of many, and most possibly, Director Park; as the latter emphasized that Key has a lot of sense and personality, which in turn makes him an ideal casting choice for the director’s future movies.

In other news, Key will be playing the lead role of Clyde in Korea’s production of the award winning musical, “Bonnie and Clyde”.

Source: enewsworld
Written by: J.Kimkeysemily @

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