Thursday, July 25, 2013

[News] Mstar Taiwan to hold SHINee Style Dance Competition 2013.

Let’s dance! As the saying goes, ‘sports is beneficial to physical and mental health’, and dance is another kind of sport that is good for your body.

Are you itching to do more than just playing dance games with your fingers? Here’s the chance to showcase your dance skills in SHINee Style Dance Competition 2013! Come and challenge one of SHINee’s hits, “Dream Girl”. Contestants will not only get a chance to receive comments from SHINee, they will get an opportunity to walk away with cash winnings (in TWD)!

Here’s a quick tip! Mstar’s dance stage showcases the genuine cover dance for , where the dance steps are identical to those in the music video. For those who are afraid of forgetting the dance steps, go revise!

Upload your cover dance videos online from July 24th till 15th August, and register your video through Mstar’s official website in order to qualify. On August 21st at 8.00 p.m (GMT+8),  there will be an announcement of the top 3 teams chosen to participate in the final round!

The final competition will take place during SHINee’s VIP Fan Meeting in Taipei, where the shining idol group will be the judges, and will select the ultimate winner.

The event will be held at the following date and venue:
30th August 2013
Neo Studio - Conference Room/Exhibition Hall
22 Songshou Road, Xinyi District
Taipei City

Source: Mstar’s Official Website
Translated & Written by: J.Kimkeysemily, sherylmilo, & debsayys @

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