Wednesday, July 17, 2013

[News] SHINee’s Onew Is Perfect Fit for Sitcom “The Royal Villa,” Producer Says.

SHINee Onew has been complimented for his natural acting skills on his first-ever regular comedy show.
Kim Seok-yoon, the producer of sitcom “The Royal Villa,” rated Onew’s acting highly during the press conference for the new TV show held at a movie theater in Seoul, Korea on Monday, hours before its premiere on general-programming channel jTBC.

“I had kept close eye on him ever since his debut. I also liked his mask. He is a perfect fit for the show and his role because he is a natural-born actor who doesn’t need any instructing,” Kim explained while revealing behind-the-scenes story of the casting.

Onew joyfully answered back, “I was so surprised that the character has so much in common with me. It was so easy to picture my scenes that were written in the script and it felt like I’m actually inside what’s taking place.”

“It’s my first acting role but I’ll do my best not to be bothersome to the other actors. Minho [his teammate in SHINee] helped me a lot on studying character,” the idol star went onto say, showing his passion for the comic sitcom.

In the show, Onew will play a jobless youngster who lives with a fellow unemployed man (comedian Lee Byung-jin) and an unwanted female ghost house mate (actress O Cho-hee), in one of the five regular skits called “We Live with a Ghost” (translated title).

The sitcom, mixed with elements of comedy genre conte, revolves around tenants living in a shabby villa called the Royal Villa, co-starring actor Ahn Nae-sang, comedian Kim Byung-man, comedienne Shin Bong-sun and anchorman Jang Seong-gyu.

Reporter. Lee Hye Ji
Editor. Jessica Kim
Credit: Tenasia news

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