Friday, July 5, 2013

[Twitter] 040713 Jonghyun’s Twitter Updates (Eng Trans)

[Original Message] 보이그룹도 화이팅! ! ! ! 빼먹었다고  또 혼날라ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
[English Translation] Boy groups hwaiting too!!!! I'd probably get in trouble again for leaving them out kekekeke

[Original Message] 걸스데이 화이팅! 달샤벳 화이팅!  나인뮤지스 화이팅!  크레용팝 화이팅!  대한민국 걸그룹 에블바리 화이팅 입니다!!
[English Translation] Girl's Day hwaiting! Dalshabet hwaiting! Nine Muses hwaiting! Crayon Pop hwaiting! South Korean girl groups, let's everybody hwaiting!!

[Original Message] 내가 에스엔에스로 이런걸 올리는 날이오다니...응원한다는 의미였고...차 세우고듣는다는건 심타가 재밌어서 예전부터 그랬었다라는 거였고...심타로 문자보낸거아니고 피디님이랑 카톡 중이였어요 말이전해지고 생방이다보니 중간생략이있어서 오해가 생긴 듯!
[English Translation] To think I'm uploading this on SNS... It was to cheer for them... The reason why I parked my car and listened is because SSTP has always been fun... I didn't send a text to SSTP, I was Kakaotalk texting with the PD. There must have been a misunderstanding after my message was delivered because it was a live broadcast some parts in the middle were omitted.

(T/N: Jonghyun was texting the Shimshimtapa PD when Girl's Day was live on the radio. He mentioned that he's a fan of Yura from the group. News sites exaggerated about how Jonghyun is a die hard fan of her and that she is his ideal type. His name was continuously being mentioned in every Yura article after that.)

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