Saturday, September 21, 2013

[News] SHINee’s Key is interested in taking Taemin’s place on ‘We Got Married’?

SHINee's Key thinks he should’ve gotten Taemin's spot on the reality show 'We Got Married’.
On the latest ‘Radio Star’, Key discussed his thoughts on popularity among group members and their places on variety shows. He said, "I think only major members come out on this program."

Kim Gu Ra responded, "Aren’t all 4 members of SHINee major?" Kyuhyun quickly corrected his co-host, saying, "There are 5 members in SHINee." They then asked Key why he doesn’t come out on variety shows often.

Key replied, "Why don’t they put me on them," referring to his label. He added, "When Taemin goes on, I come out as a dating coach. How good would it be if I was on ‘We Got Married’," honestly revealing his feelings on the matter.

Credit: Allkpop

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