Saturday, September 21, 2013

[News] SHINee's Key reveals a bit of his family background on 'Radio Star'.

SHINee's Key revealed a bit about his family background on the latest episode of 'Radio Star'.

MC Kim Gu Ra started off by bringing up ZE:A's Hyungsik, who was also featured as a guest on the show, and his family. He stated, "Hyungsik's father is a director at the foreign car brand B, and I heard that Key's father is a branch manager at a brokerage firm."

Key responded, "My father works at a brokerage firm, and my mother is a nurse," adding, "My house wasn't well off financially when I was younger, but when I succeeded as a singer, my father started doing well and my mother was promoted too."

Viewers commented, "I'm surprised by Key's family," "I didn't expect that kind of family background from Key," and "I had no idea Key was an umchinah (mother's friend's son you always get compared to)."

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