Tuesday, September 24, 2013

[Twitter] 230913 Jonghyun's Twitter Update (Eng Trans)


[English Translation] I now know how to ride a bicycle. Even if the bike doesn’t move the way I want it to… I bought a white bicycle a few days ago, had fun riding it, but the chain fell off because I fell. I put the bicycle on the side of the building beucase I wanted to fix it tomorrow, but someone stole it. The chain is broken.. I hope you ride it like that and fall kehe.    

[English Translation] Ah, and I bought a new bicycle today. The worker greeted me and said, “You were here a few days ago!”. I wasn’t thinking and I blurted, “I gave that one to my older sister! So I came to buy one for myself!” and lied. They probably recognize me now… I’m going to protect my bicycle this time for sure.  

[English Translation] These few days made me want to read the book ‘Bicycle Thief’. That thief probably had his story… Maybe he had a little sibling who wanted a bicycle… If you have a story, I’m going to cancel what I said about falling when you ride it. If you took it just because you were bored, fall. The tires even smell because I rode beneath the ginkgo tree. (grudge grudge)  

[English Translation] The worker at the bicycle store, sorry. I lied because I was flustered. Please forgive me. Since I increased your sales… Sad…  

[English Translation] Ah, and the bicycle I bought today is black. Men should buy black! I’m going to listen to G-Dragon’s “Black” _(≥▽≤)/ What are these emoticons and why are they on my keyboard? (━▽━)/  

[English Translation] Also, the white bicycle from before hurt my butt, but I figured it was the pain of growth and dealt with it. But the black one I bought today didn’t hurt, so I was awed and asked my friend about it. He told me that saddle is a better one. That thief… I mean Mr. Thief… won’t come again just to take the saddle, right…?…  

[English Translation] He said it’s the SMP saddle… Whoever named it is pretty blunt. Anyone who hears will know it’s good for men.

(T/N: SMP Saddles in Korea are called ‘Prostate protection’ saddles.)  

[English Translation] The reason for the explosive tweeting is… Name my bicycle for me. Since he has a long history, relate it back to his history. You can connect it in many ways, right? Go go  

Source: @realjonghyun90
Picture: ForeverShiningShinee
English Translations: shiningtweets

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