Saturday, October 5, 2013

[News] Cancellation of Key's 'Bonnie & Clyde' performance due to SHINee's comeback stirs up controversy.

One of Key's performances of musical 'Bonnie & Clyde,' planned for October 10th, has been canceled due to an overlapping schedule with SHINee's comeback.

A representative from 'Bonnie & Clyde' told news source MBN Star, "Due to his pre-recording for SHINee's comeback, we decided to cancel the musical performance.  We gave a refund to the audience members who wanted it and the canceled performance is set to take place on the 25th.

While Um Ki Joon, Han Ji Sang, and Hyungsik have the same role, it was impossible to change cast members because we already had a fixed schedule.  Also, in relation to the circumstances surrounding the date Key was to participate, it would actually be hard to change the actor because many of the tickets were bought by the idol singer's fans."

In conclusion, they decided to just cancel that performance.  Key plays the main character Clyde and were to have a total of nine performances this month.  However, it appears hard to avoid the controversy surrounding the cancellation of his performance due to Key's personal schedule.

There has been no end to the various gossip in relation to idol singers taking part in musicals.  Some topics include their absence in rehearsals and a debate about their acting skills.

Henceforth, it appears this development may have a huge impact on this musical's credibility as previously, there had been general criticisms about thoughtless casting for marketing purposes.

One musical rep said, "As there are 20 members who act and are in the ensemble, there have been cases where one or two people needed to change their schedule; however, canceling an entire day is a rare case.  I think there was a mediation problem between the agency and the production crew."

Particularly in Key's case, the musical officials seem at a loss for words in relation to the performance cancellation as they could have finished managing the schedule beforehand.  Regarding this, SM Entertainment wrote on their homepage, "We sincerely apologize for unintentionally having caused an inconvenience.  We ask for your generous understanding for the sake of SHINee's vigorous activities."

As disappointing as the news may be for the fans who wanted to see Key perform in 'Bonnie & Clyde,' the fans will hopefully feel better once SHINee makes their long-awaited comeback!

Source: MBN TV via Nate
Credit: Allkpop

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