Monday, November 18, 2013

[News] Jonghyun reveals Key's drinking habits on 'Barefoot Friends'.

Jonghyun revealed Key's drinking habits!

The 'Barefoot Friends' crew went over to SHINee's dorms for their last episode of the show. As always, the panel went about searching through the house for any kind of dirt they could dig up.

Yoon Jong Shin guessed, "Who uses the room that's closest to the door? That's probably the person who goes out the most."

The comment made Key flinch and the rest of the members burst into laughter. Minho even whispered to Yoon Jong Shin who it was, and Key cried out indignantly, "That's not true!".  

Jonghyun then answered, "How did you know? Key uses that room. Even today, he drank all night and came back home in the morning."

Check out the clip above!

Credit: Allkpop

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