Thursday, July 15, 2010

[News] SHINee 2nd Album Medley.

SM Entertainment has confirmed that the boys will be returning as soon as next week although title song, concept name, album name, tracklist and etc remained a mystery.

Well, the boys have now released their song medley teaser for their new album where we get to hear their awesome voices once again after such a long wait!

Further teasers will be released up to and on the 19th. SHINee is now preparing to make their official comeback on the 23rd at Music Bank.

From what I know, Minho has been recovering fast from his calf injury with physical therapy, so yeah hoping they can continue with the comeback date of July 23rd if all goes well.

9 brand new songs are featured on the medley where the boys sing all kinds of songs that range in different genres too. I guess their comeback is definitely going to be an explosive one.

Their new album will consist of 13 songs. Their album will still be released on the 19th. Stay tuned!

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