Friday, January 27, 2012

[Fan Account] JongTae Moments.

This fan account was written by a noona from the entertainment industry. Because she likes SM artists so she knew about these things. Jjongtaemer noona sieved out the “Jonghyun Taemin Moments”

1. Taemin fell sick one day during Ring Ding Dong Era. So after practice, Jonghyun went to a porridge shop to buy taemin some porridge. He called taemin to ask him to choose what kind of porridge he wants. Taemin probably fell asleep and did not pick up him phonecall, and Jonghyun just bought 3 different flavours for him!!

2. Taemin once requested that he had a wish - to receive a 3 layer cake for his birthday. In the end, Jonghyun used chocolate pie (or Chocopie) to make a 5 layer cake with candles for taemin!

3. Everytime taemin made a mistake during Live activities, radio show or any programmes, jonghyun will always comfort him behind the camera, telling him that it is alright. Jonghyun will touch taemin’s face to sooth him, even if front of the camera. If jonghyun touched his face, he will reflect where he did wrong

4. Jonghyun can dance well but not as outstanding, hence taemin gave a lot of support for Jonghyun. “Student” Jonghyun said that even though it might be a hassle, taemin often used his private free time to teach jonghyun to dance, and he is very grateful of that.

Source: Jjongtaemer
Translation By: Hyunminkids @ Baidu Bar
Chinese-English Translation By: Avoirdupoisa/Soundtracklove @ Soompi

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