Wednesday, July 17, 2013

[Twitter] 140713 Jonghyun's Twitter Updates (Eng Trans)

[Original Message] 인가가요가 끝나고 인사중 배치기 탁형을 만났다 현실로는 대화를 나눠본적 없는 우리기에 둘은 어색한 웃음과 악수로 인사를 나눴다 넷프랜드와 현실에서도 철판깔기엔 아직난 어린가봐...☆★ 반가웠어요...탁형...아디오스...나중에 탁주라도한잔..
[English Translation] After Inkigayo ended and we were saying bye, I met Baechigi's Tak hyung. We've never talked in real life, so we just greeted each other with an awkward laugh and handshake. I still must be too young to overcome this kind of thing with a netfriend in real life...☆★ It was nice to meet you... Takhyung... Adios... Let's get some takju later...

(T/N: Takju is unrefined rice wine and a word pun because it was Tak's name in it.)

[Original Message] 사랑해
[English Translation] I love you

[Original Message] 존횬은 불면증이 안고쳐진다고한다 흐규흐규
[English Translation] Jonhyon's insomnia is said to be incurable wah wah

Source: @realjonghyun90
Credit: ShiningTweets

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