Tuesday, September 24, 2013

[News] Key’s fans donate to World Vision Cambodia in honor of his birthday.

Both Korean and international fans of Key have worked together to prepare a special gift in celebration of his 23rd birthday!

One of Key’s fanclubs, ‘Goodbye Sunshine’ held a fundraising event to raise money for the less fortunate. The fanclub successfully raised 2 130 000 won and have donated the earnings to World Vision-Cambodia for the welfare of the country’s children, all in honor of Key’s birthday.

A representative of World Vision stated: “Recently, most of our potable water sources have been polluted, so the country is depending on neighboring countries for clean water. Medical assistance is also greatly needed. So we would like to thank Key (Kim Kibum) of SHINee and his fans for helping out the children of Cambodia.”

Fans who participated in the event said that: “Key has been donating to charity since 2009 through World Vision, so us fans wanted to follow his example and help the less fortunate too.”

Source: News1
Written by: ibreatheparadox @ shineee.net

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