Sunday, September 22, 2013

[News] SHINee's Taemin comments on how his 'kissable lips' were his complex.

SHINee are always hilarious when they're together and shared behind-the-scenes stories on how it feels to be idol stars for the past 5 years!

'Entertainment Relay' met up with SHINee on the set of their photo shoot and the reporter asked during the interview, "I film the best when I'm with this member?", Jonghyun answered, "I film the best when I'm by myself." Key was just as blunt as he shared, "I want to film with the member who is the hottest in popularity right now so there would be no way that I get edited out." When asked, "Which member do you think you film best with today?" Key answered, "Minho... Because he is planning to enter a drama."

The reporter congratulated SHINee on their 5th anniversary and commented on when she last saw them when they first debuted, "You were so young and fresh back then." Jonghyun asked, "How are we like now?" Onew jokingly replied, "We got older, of course", bringing laughs among the members. To the question, "What are your thoughts when you watch music shows?", Jonghyun shared, "When we promoted this time around, there are so many people that we've met for the first time. So we felt some distance between the rookie artists." Key added, "When we debuted, there were a lot of sunbaenims... I try to be as friendly as possible to the rookie artists." The reported asked, "How so?", to which Key joked, "[I call them] ya [hey you]."

During the ranking segment, when asked, "The weakest member who needs to take herbal medicine?" All of the members pointed to Onew who couldn't stop sweating throughout the interview. Minho explained, "Onew lost a lot of weight so he looks even more like that."

The reporter also announced that Taemin was chosen as the celebrity with the #1 lips that just ask for a kiss in a survey. Taemin already seemed to know about this and shared, "Honestly, my lips were my complex. But since I hear good things about my lips, it feels nice."

Do you have a good opinion of Taemin's lips? Check out SHINee's interview above!

Credit: Allkpop

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