Friday, October 18, 2013

[News] Billboard Praises SHINee’s Choreography for ‘Everybody’.

Shining a light on SHINee, Billboard named the complex moves of ‘Everybody’ as some of 2013’s Top choreography.

On October 14, SHINee returned with its fifth mini album, Everybodyand showcased its unique performance, bringing the attention of Billboard.

Billboard released an article on October 15 titled, “SHINee’s Everybody showcases some of 2013’s Top Choreography.”

The article read, “The boys are in a constant state of twirling, jumping and lifting each other in the accompanying music video. In the first 45 seconds, watch SHINee go from laying on the ground to breaking out intense, full-blown dance moves,” and “A highlight comes during the bridge (3:30) when the boys bunch around member Taemin to simulate driving a human airplane.”

The performance of Everybody was based on the concept of ‘toy robot,’ showing unique and clean cut moves, making the audience feel like they’re watching an animation story with an exciting melody.

Meanwhile, SHINee’s fifth mini album ranks number on the Hanteo Charts as the members continue to promote Everybody on weekly music programs.

Photo: Billboard
Source: Enewsworld/Mnet
Credit: ForeverShiningSHINee

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