Friday, October 18, 2013

[Twitter] 171013 Jonghyun's Twitter Updates (Eng Trans)

[Eng Translation] MCountdown! There's a brief live talk segment! Ha hahaha! But the MCs are Kim Woobin and the other one is Junyoung hyung...keke....ha....MCD...hates me...

[Eng Translation] See the cm...? 
(T/N: This is a screenshot of Kim Woobin's profile.)

[Eng Translation] Cm...? (T/N: This is a screenshot of Jung Junyoung's profile.)

[Eng Translation] Look forward to a three shot! Ke I'm gonna hate Mnet! ~~^^♥

[Eng Translation] I'm thinking about asking them to put a chair up there and never getting up from it. Go for an arrogant concept.

[Eng Translation] In the middle of asking "Woobin hyung, what do I have to do to grow?"

[Eng Translation] Sitting down was comfortable 

[Eng Translation] Woobin hyong ♥ and me ♥ kekekekege..., ,...,.

[Eng Translation] Nice Junyoung hyung and Woobin hyung. Today, I felt the epitome of relative deprivation. MCD, where you can feel the epitome of opposites! Kehe I can't escape it, so I'll just have to enjoy it kehe

 [Eng Translation] I need the HD urgently

Source: @realjonghyun90
Picture: ForeverShiningSHINee
Translation: @shiningtweets
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